Boy Scout Abuse Victims

More than 7,800 Boy Scouts of America troop leaders have been accused of, or were suspected of, sexually abusing boys within their troops. Record of these abuses have been kept since the 1940s. Abuse at the hands of an authority figure – and even worse, hiding the abuse or not being believed – has lifetime effects. We believe you, and we are here to help. All calls are entirely confidential.

Find out if You Have a Case

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What to Expect

Taking part in a civil lawsuit against the Boy Scouts will help fix the system and situation for everyone. We are looking for change, new standards, and improvements to the Boy Scouts as a whole. This will prevent future generations of Scouts from becoming victims to these predators.

If you are a victim, now is your time to come forward. Call 800-659-9888 for an entirely confidential and free discussion with our attorneys.